How to Reset Jio Fiber Router? (2024)

In the modern, fast-paced digital world, having a dependable internet connection is essential for both business and play. Due to its high-speed internet services, Jio Fiber has grown in popularity among users. Resetting the router is an efficient way to solve troubleshooting issues that arise with routers, just like with any other technology. To guarantee a flawless internet experience, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of How to Reset Jio Fiber Router.

Overview of Jio Fiber Router

Jio Fiber Customers can connect multiple devices to the internet at once with the Jio Fiber router, which serves as the primary hub for connections. High-speed internet access is made possible by this Wi-Fi capability, along with other services that occasionally experience technical issues.

Occasionally, problems with your Jio Fiber router could arise, like poor internet performance, frequent disconnections, or forgotten Wi-Fi passwords. Resetting the router to its factory settings can help fix these issues in certain situations.

How to Reset Jio Fiber Router and Why?

You are going back to the router’s original settings when you reset it. It’s similar to starting over, with all of your customizations lost and the router given a chance to reboot. Resetting the router can be simple or complex, depending on how bad things are.

Resetting a router typically entails returning all of the device’s settings to their original positions. This contains Wi-Fi settings, login information, and more. A hard reset removes everything, but a soft reset lets you keep your personalized settings. Resetting your Jio Fiber router can be necessary for a variety of reasons, the most common being to fix connection problems, poor internet performance, or forgotten passwords.

How to Reset Jio Fiber Router: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Locate the Reset Button: Usually found on the rear or lower part of your Jio Fiber router is the reset button. The hole is tiny and labeled “Reset.”
  • Use a Pen or Paperclip: Grab a paperclip or pen and straighten it. This is what you’ll use to hit the reset button.
  • Press and Hold the Reset Button: Press and hold the button for approximately 15 to 20 seconds after inserting the pen or paper clip into the reset hole. The router lights will start to blink, signaling the start of the reset procedure.
  • Wait for the Router to Reboot: Permit the router to restart. This could require several minutes. The router will have returned to its initial configuration after restarting.

Reconfiguring Your Jio Fiber Router

You must reconfigure your router after successfully resetting it to restore your internet connection.

  • Access the Router Settings: Use an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi to connect your computer or smartphone to the router. The router’s IP address, which is typically or, can be entered in the address bar of an open web browser.
  • Login to Your Router: You will be required to enter the password and username for your router. For both fields, this is typically set to “admin” by default. You can access the router settings once you’ve logged in.
  • Restore Default Settings: Go to the settings menu and choose “Restore to Default Settings” or a related option. Upon confirmation, the router will return all configurations to their original factory settings.
  • Reconfigure Your Network: You will now have to reconfigure your WiFi network. Make a strong password and a new Wi-Fi network name (SSID). Once you save the modifications, your network ought to function.

How to Reset Soft Jio Fiber Router?

  • Locate the reset button on the Jio Fiber router and lightly press it with a paperclip or needle to perform a soft reset.
  • After holding down the button for ten to fifteen seconds, let go when the indicator light begins to blink.
  • Await the router’s stabilization and reboot.

How to Reset Hard Jio Fiber Router?

  • Find the Jio Fiber router’s reset button, then press and hold it for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Let go of the buttons and bide your time for the router to return to its factory settings.

FAQ of How to Reset Jio Fiber Router

Q1. What occurs when the Jio Fiber router is reset?

Issues with data stability, conflicts, and connections can be resolved by resetting the Jio Fiber router.

Q2. When I reset my Jio Fiber router, will my settings be lost?

No, a soft reset won’t cause this; however, a hard reset will cause you to lose your settings.

Q3. Can I avoid losing my data when I reset my Jio Fiber router?

Yes, you can avoid losing your settings by performing a soft reset.


One easy way to fix many connectivity and configuration problems with your Jio Fiber router is to reset it. You can get your router back to its default settings and start over with a dependable and secure internet connection by carefully following these steps.

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