Best Guitar Brands in India (2024)

Enthusiasts and musicians are frequently faced with a dilemma when selecting the ideal guitar. Making an informed choice can be difficult with so many brands flooding the market, all claiming to offer the best sound and quality. Several guitar brands have become well-known in the Indian music scene due to their superb workmanship, long lifespan, and remarkable sound quality. We’ll look at some of the Best Guitar Brands in India in this post.

How to Choose The Best Guitar Brands in India

  • Prioritize Comfort: You should be able to hold the guitar comfortably. Its dimensions, weight, and form should complement your physical characteristics.
  • Consider Guitar Type: The options available to you are electric, classical, and acoustic guitars. Your decision will be based on the type of music you prefer and the venue where you plan to perform.
  • Identify Your Musical Style: Every guitar brand has a distinct sound; some are more suited for rock, blues, or classical music than others. Your choice process can be influenced by your knowledge of your favorite genre.
  • Determine Your Budget: Depending on the brand and model, guitar prices can vary greatly. Be aware of the budget you have set. Keep in mind that occasionally spending a little bit extra on a longer-lasting, higher-quality instrument is worthwhile.
  • Check Brand Reputation: Seek out companies that are well-known for their high standards of quality and client satisfaction. You can learn more about a brand’s dependability by reading customer reviews and professional opinions.
  • Understand Your Skill Level: Your degree of experience will determine which brand is best for you. While more experienced players might seek out brands recognized for their exquisite designs and superior sound quality, beginners might benefit from simpler, more economical options.

Types of Guitars

  • Acoustic Guitars: The most common kind of guitars are acoustic ones since they have a warm sound and are simple to play. Typically performed without an electrical outlet, they are ideal for novices.
  • Electric Guitars: For those who want to rock out and have a loud sound, electric guitars are ideal. They can be used for both acoustic and electric songs, and they are available in a wide variety of styles.
  • Bass Guitars: The deep bass tones produced by bass guitars contribute to the overall thumping sound of your music. They can be used with a speaker system or amplifier and are available in both electric and acoustic versions.
  • Classical Guitars: Because they require more skill to play and have a mellower sound than other guitars, classical guitars are frequently regarded as the best kind.
  • Resonator Guitars: Resonator guitars do not use a conventional soundboard; instead, they use one or more metal cones to produce sound. They are frequently used in slide guitar, bluegrass, and blues music and are distinguished by their unique, metallic twang.
  • Twelve-String Guitars: Archtop guitars are distinguished by their curved back and top. They have warm, rich tones and are frequently connected to jazz music.
  • Archtop Guitars: Compared to a standard six-string guitar, a twelve-string guitar has double courses of strings, which produces a fuller and richer sound.

Below is the list of Best Guitar Brands in India

Yamaha: You just can’t go wrong with Yamaha guitars. Their instruments are renowned for their dependability and sound, and they have been making high-quality instruments for many years.  Premium materials are used in the construction of the acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, ensuring extended lifespan and superb sound quality. Some of the most well-known and well-liked best guitar brands in India are made by Yamaha. The range’s options and configurations are ideal for playing the guitar.


  • They are long-lasting construction.
  • Since they are simple to play, the fretboard and strings are of excellent quality.
  • Yamaha guitars are a fantastic choice for musicians on a tight budget because they are less costly than some of the other leading brands.
  • They are covered for 36 months against defects in workmanship, defective design, and material defects under warranty.
Yamaha- Best Guitar Brands in India
Yamaha- Best Guitar Brands in India

Ibanez: Ibanez Guitars are among the most well-liked best guitar brands in India available right now. Their sound and quality are well-known. An Ibanez is a good choice if you’re searching for a guitar that will offer you great playability and sound quality. There is bound to be a model among their many options that is ideal for your requirements. The long-lasting construction of Ibanez guitars is another advantage. They are made with excellent construction methods, so they will last for many years and bring you years of pleasure.


  • Superb sound quality: Ibanez guitars have bright, distinct tones that work well with any style of music.
  • Sturdy construction: The guitars are made with premium components and construction that guarantees long-term performance.
  • Numerous styles: They are available in a range of styles, including rockabilly, jazz, and metal. There’s probably a guitar on the market right now that will work for you.
Ibanez- Best Guitar Brands in India
Ibanez- Best Guitar Brands in India

Kepma: Despite being a relatively new brand in the guitar industry, Kepma has quickly become well-known for its high-end acoustic guitars. The brand is distinguished by its full-bodied, rich sound that enthralls audiences and musicians in equal measure. Pro musicians and fans of the best acoustic tones love Kepma guitars because of their exceptional build quality, which is evident in their performance. Kepma guitars may cost a little more, but their exceptional sound and construction make the investment worthwhile.


  • Highly regarded for their exquisite acoustic guitars
  • The rich, rich sound Excellent construction quality; well worth the money
Kepma- Best Guitar Brands in India
Kepma- Best Guitar Brands in India

Kordz: One of the most popular best guitar brands in India , Kordz is renowned for its robust construction. Rich colors and an integrated pick-up are features of Kordz guitars. Several knowledgeable technicians attest to its superior quality standards and aesthetically pleasing sound. These guitars stand out from the others in the best guitars under the Rs 5000 category thanks to their exceptional finishing and distinctive glossy touch. Kordz guitars have a starting price of Rs 3,503. Nearly all guitars include a strap, a bag, and an additional set of strings.


  • Because of their distinctive and striking designs, they are ideal for both informal and professional use.
  • The brand enables guitarists to connect their guitars to amplifiers through an output jack and built-in pickup.
  • All products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the company, so you know you’re getting the best value around.
Kordz- Best Guitar Brands in India
Kordz- Best Guitar Brands in India

Granada: Granada is a well-known guitar brand with excellent construction and tone. The best guitars for beginners (kids), intermediate players, and professionals are among their many options. For added peace of mind, the brand offers a 1-3-year warranty on all of its products. Made of Kabukalli Rosewood, the fingerboard and bridge have a smooth finish that provides a lively tone and comfortable feel. All things considered, Granada is a fantastic option for guitar aficionados searching for long-lasting, premium instruments.


  • They have excellent user ratings on e-commerce sites like Amazon and have a lovely sound.
  • With such a large selection of prices, you can find the ideal instrument for your spending plan. The starting price for a beginner’s guitar is Rs 2,743. According to our review, these Granada guitars are the finest acoustic guitars for novices.
Granada- Best Guitar Brands in India
Granada- Best Guitar Brands in India

Intern: Kids around the world love Intern guitars, especially best Guitar Brands in India where they can be purchased for as little as Rs 2,090. It’s not a professional guitar, but the sound quality is surprisingly good. Kids can take the Intern guitars with them everywhere they go because they are portable and easy to use, and they even come with a chic nylon bag. It also includes two branded Intern plectrums, an extra set of strings, and an adjustable guitar strap. We wholeheartedly endorse Intern if you’re looking for high-quality guitars for kids who are just starting and want to pick up the instrument. In the Rs 5,000 range, this is the best acoustic guitar available.


  • They are incredibly reasonably priced. Based on the price point in the kid’s guitar market, this is one of the best guitar brands in India.
  • An additional benefit of the instrument is its creative design and excellent sound quality.
  • In addition to being sturdy, the bag has an extra pocket and a comfortable, carry-anywhere handle.
Intern- Best Guitar Brands in India
Intern- Best Guitar Brands in India

Blueberry: Blueberry guitar can be the best option for you if you’re looking for a guitar that sounds amazing and is simple to play. These Blueberry guitars have many features that will make playing them more enjoyable, and they are constructed with premium materials. The best guitars brands in India for beginners are those made by Blueberry, which starts at just Rs 2,695. These guitars are among the best choices for beginners because they also have a nice sound.


  • They weigh little.
  • The tuning pegs provide a smooth tuning experience and are of excellent quality.
  • There are many different colors and styles available, so you’re sure to find one that’s ideal for your personality.
Blueberry- Best Guitar Brands in India
Blueberry- Best Guitar Brands in India

FAQ of Best Guitar Brands in India

Q1. How can I pick the best guitar brands in India that’s best for me?

When selecting a guitar, it’s crucial to take your spending limit, musical taste, and desired features into account. Before making a purchase, you should also consider your playing and skill level.

Q2. Which guitar is ideal for a novice?

An acoustic guitar is typically the best choice for a beginner. Compared to electric guitars, acoustic guitars are simpler to learn and don’t require any specialized gear or instruction to begin playing. An acoustic guitar can be found online or in any music store.

Q3. How do I know if my guitar needs tuning?

It might be time to get your guitar tuned if you hear that your strings are out of tune or are not staying in tune. Gently pluck each string of your guitar and listen for any irregularities or notes that are sharp or flat to determine whether it needs to be tuned. To improve your playing, it is advised that you tune your instrument if you see any issues with the strings.


The post offers helpful advice on how to navigate the wide world of guitars, highlighting important elements like comfort, guitar type, musical taste, price range, brand reputation, and skill level. Readers are provided with a comprehensive guide to help them make well-informed and satisfying guitar choices, including a detailed exploration of different guitar types and a carefully curated list of the best guitar brands in India, including Yamaha, Ibanez, Kepma, Kordz, Granada, Intern, and Blueberry.

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