Google Map: Did you know that Google Maps on your phone can take you to the nearest covid vaccine?

Google Map: Covid-19 cases are on the rise in India, and many citizens are unable to book basic services due to increasing pressure on healthcare services. The country is witnessing two lakh cases and one thousand deaths every day, and some state governments have imposed partial lockdowns to curb the spread of the disease. Similarly, there is a lot of misinformation about viruses on the internet and people are rushing to get the COVID-19 test naturally to ensure their safety.

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Unfortunately, more pressure is emerging on existing centers that are now overburdened and unavailable where received.

However, citizens across the country use Google Maps to search for COVID-19 testing or vaccine centers nearby. Can use applications like. The Maps app contains additional information such as a phone number

And operational time. To check the availability of test centers around you, open Google Maps and simply click “Near me.” Covid test “Discover.” To get results users can use “Covid 19 test” or “Covid test”

Can also use keywords like. Both iOS and Android users directly on the map Users can view information or referrals by list, private or government, contact and operational Can get information about time. To test whether the lab offers home testing, users Will need to be investigated.

Similarly, Google Maps recently introduced to allow users to find a COVID-19 vaccine center around it.

Feature added. Users like “Covid 19 vaccination” or “Covid vaccination near me”

You will need to search for similar keywords. Availability of slots with users directly to the hospital Can also check. To book slots, the central government has a dedicated covid website and health bridge Has created a universal platform with the application that anyone can take advantage of. Significantly, the same Covid-19 vaccine and testing center on Google search for users to find information. Can use keywords. This facility is also available in some countries other than India. Google Maps

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Users must make sure that they are using the latest version. 

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