Glance Lock Screen (2023): How to Remove? Know All Details

This blog explores how to remove Glance lock screen. In a world where constant digital noise is a part of daily life, our cell phones have developed into more than just tools. Given the rapid progress of technology, manufacturers are continuously striving to offer distinctive and user-friendly features that enhance our mobile experiences. One such breakthrough that has drastically transformed the smartphone business is the Glance Lock Screen. However, not everyone finds this feature appealing, and if that applies to you, you’ve come to the right spot.¬†

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What Is Glance Lock Screen?

Imagine this: You hold your smartphone, and with only a swipe, your lock screen is transformed into an amazing scene, an amazing piece of art, or a candid photo of your favourite star. But things don’t stop there. Your lock screen becomes a portal to a world of learning and discovery when you use Glance.

Mi devices come with a feature called Glance that easily incorporates the benefits of the internet into your regular unlocking routine. Glance offers you a compelling entrance to an expansive realm of knowledge and inspiration by smoothly connecting to the online universe. It serves as a starting point for a wealth of great articles about everything from sports to music to technology to entertainment to travel.

For instance, Glance covers TV episodes, movies, and celebrity news in the entertainment area. Articles on forthcoming releases, reviews, behind-the-scenes tales, and interviews with directors and actors may all be found here.

How to make your Android smartphone Glance Lock Screen inoperative?

  • Access the Settings Menu: After unlocking your phone, go to the Settings area. The gear-shaped icon can typically be tapped after swiping down from the top of the screen to find this.
  • Locate the Display or Lock Screen Settings: Look for options for display or lock screen adjustments in the adjustments menu. Depending on the device and operating system, these settings may be located in different places, although they are usually listed under the “Display,” “Lock Screen,” or “Personalization” sections.
  • Disable Glance or Peek Notifications: Look for a choice that mentions the Glance or Peek alerts feature by name. A “Glance screen,” “Peek notifications,” or some similar term might be used to describe it. Tap on it to open the options for this option.
  • Toggle Off the Glance Feature: The feature should be toggleable off once you’ve reached the Glance or Peek notifications settings. Glance lock screen may be turned off by sliding the toggle switch to the “Off” position. You might also locate a checkbox that you can uncheck to get the same effect.
  • Save and Exit: Make sure to save your changes after deactivating Glance. Typically, this is accomplished by touching the back arrow or by using the corresponding save button in the settings menu. Once you’re certain the Glance lock screen ha4s been turned off, leave the settings section.

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