Abhishek Kar Trader: Biography, Career, Net Worth (2024)

Abhishek Kar Trader is an influencer on social media, an entrepreneur, an investor, and a trader. He’s been in the stock market for decades. He has given keynote addresses at several academic events in addition to being a TEDx speaker. His YouTube videos, which aim to educate viewers about stock markets, scams, and derivatives, have made him well-known on social media. 

He also helps novices understand a variety of financial concepts, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, options trading, futures trading, and even live trading. He’s been in the stock market for decades.

Abhishek Kar Trader Overview

Full Name Abhishek Kar
Nick Name Abhishek  
Profession Entrepreneur, Teacher, Content Creator, and Social media influencer.
Famous For He makes YouTube videos related to financial education, stock markets, investment, scam stories, and Entrepreneurship.
Date of Birth 1980
Age (as of 2022) 42 years (2022)
Birthplace New Delhi, Delhi
Zodiac Sign Libra
School name DPS
Educational Qualification Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Who is Abhishek Kar Trader?

Abhishek Kar is an influencer on social media, an investor, a trader, and an entrepreneur. He’s been in the stock market for decades. Abhishek has spoken at TEDx and JoshTalk four times. When compound interest was presented by his commerce teacher when he was seventeen, he began trading.

Abhishek Kar Career

Abhishek spent a few years working for many MNCs in India and overseas after completing his studies. Since 2013, he has also worked as a business mentor and motivational coach. Reputable universities like IIT, Symbiosis, VNIT, and others have invited him to talk on a variety of subjects, including financial markets, entrepreneurship, and motivation.

Social Media Presence

Since he started posting videos to YouTube in 2017, Abhishek has amassed millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites in addition to 430K YouTube subscribers. Using his platform, he informs his audience on derivatives, stock markets, fraud stories, and other financial subjects. Additionally, Abhishek helps novices understand a variety of finance principles, including technical analysis, live trading, futures, options, and fundamental analysis.

Awards and Recognition

Abhishek Kar is the happy recipient of over 99 honors, including the Young Leadership Award from the JSK group and the Youth Inspiration Award from the Poornwadi group at Mahatma Mandir Gandhinagar. Numerous Indian business periodicals and media portals featured his success story as well.

Personal Insights

Abhishek Kar, who was reared in New Delhi, has emerged as a significant player in the financial industry. Numerous Indian business periodicals and media platforms have published his success story.

Abhishek Kar’s path is a monument to the strength of knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication—it’s not only about financial achievement. He continues to influence financial literacy through his online presence and instructional programs, making a lasting impression on people who are keen to understand the complex world of finance.

Net Worth of Abhishek Kar

After two months of investigation, we have estimated that Abhishek Kar is worth around INR 50 crore. Moreover, monthly income information is unavailable, and the annual income is approximately INR 45.5 lakhs.


The path of Abhishek Kar is a perfect example of the strength of knowledge, ardor, and persistence. Through his online presence and instructional initiatives, he has not only become a beacon of financial literacy but has also earned tremendous success in the financial world. With decades of experience in the stock market and a commitment to teaching others via online resources like YouTube, Abhishek Kar has solidified his standing as a reliable instructor, influencer, and businessman.

His significance and success in the profession are attested to by his various accolades and recognitions, as well as his projected net worth of INR 50 crore. Abhishek Kar’s legacy will persist as he motivates and instructs others, creating a deep effect on those who are keen to understand the intricacies of finance.

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