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A name that connotes tenacity and diligence, Abhishek Kar has made a name for himself in the cutthroat world of business. Even though Abhishek Kar Net Worth is frequently used to gauge success. With decades of experience in the stock market, Abhishek Kar is a seasoned professional who works as a trader, investor, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. He has spoken at multiple university events as a TEDx and keynote speaker, earning recognition for his knowledge. Abhishek Kar is well-known for his informative YouTube videos that cover a wide range of financial topics, including live trading, technical and fundamental analysis, futures and options trading, derivatives, and scam stories.

In the realm of business and entrepreneurship, people frequently come from modest origins to accomplish extraordinary success. 

Abhishek Kar Net Worth Overview

Full Name Abhishek Kar
Nick Name Abhishek  
Profession Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Teacher, and Social media influencer.
Famous For He makes YouTube videos related to financial education, stock markets, investment, scam stories, and Entrepreneurship.
Date of Birth 1980
Birthplace New Delhi, Delhi
Zodiac Sign Libra
School name DPS
Educational Qualification Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)    
Net Worth 50 crores
Monthly Earning 50 Lakh
Awards            Won more than 99+ Awards in his career.

Abhishek Kar Personal Insights

Abhishek Kar, who was raised in New Delhi, has emerged as a significant player in the financial industry. Numerous Indian business magazines and media portals have featured his success story.

Abhishek Kar’s journey is a monument to the strength of knowledge, passion, and dedication—it’s not just about financial success. He continues to influence financial literacy through his online presence and educational programs, making a lasting impression on people who are keen to understand the complex world of finance.


The path of Abhishek Kar is distinguished by a strong dedication to learning and lifelong learning. Equipped with an MBA in Business Administration and Management, he ventured into the corporate world, offering his expertise to numerous multinational corporations both domestically and internationally. He made a big move in November 2010 when he established “A Trader in Capital Markets,” which later served as the main focus of his trading and investing endeavors.

Abhishek Kar has been a business mentor and motivational coach since 2013. Prominent academic institutions such as IIT, Symbiosis, VNIT, and several corporate houses have requested his expertise. His inspirational talks touch on a wide range of subjects, such as stock markets and entrepreneurship.

Abhishek Kar entered YouTube in 2017 as a way to embrace the digital world. He aims to demystify the complexities of the stock market, disseminate scam stories, and educate viewers about derivatives through his videos. He has a sizable following on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites, and his channel has 430K subscribers.

Abhishek Kar Awards and Recognition

Abhishek Kar is the happy recipient of over 99 honors, including the Young Leadership Award from the JSK group and the Youth Inspiration Award from the Poornwadi group at Mahatma Mandir Gandhinagar. Numerous Indian business magazines and media portals featured his success story as well.

Abhishek Kar’s Trading Journey

Abhishek Kar was given a project to complete at graduation, and the subject was “Warren Buffett.” His curiosity about how someone could profit continuously from the stock market grew, and he decided to join the market as a result. He took part in a lot of stock market-related activities. He decided to start trading stocks on a Demat account. He then funded his account with ₹600 and began trading.

He traded without learning, and as a result, he lost money for 2.5 years running. Following that, he continued to trade for a modest sum for the next two years while also continuing his education in the art of trading. Following that, he began to turn a profit, and as of right now, he is a profitable trader. He had depleted his trading account six times while traveling, totaling between ₹30 and ₹40,000. Only because he had traded with a small amount was he able to make a withdrawal, even after completely emptying his account six times.

To stay motivated, he used to read a lot of books. It should be common knowledge for all traders to start with small trading capital when learning. Throughout his journey, he experienced many highs and lows, but he never gave up and kept going, which is how he became a successful trader today. Through his YouTube channel, Abhishek Kar shares his more than 11 years of trading experience with the world.

FAQ of Abhishek Kar Net Worth 

Q1. In 2023, how much will Abhishek Kar Net Worth?

Ans. Abhishek Kar Net Worth is ₹50 Cr in 2023, Dec 31.

Q2. How much profit has Abhishek Kar ever made?

Ans. 2.68 Cr is Abhishek Kar’s greatest profit ever made.

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