Top 10 Best Chess Players In The World Of 2023

Chess, the ancient game of strategy and intellect, continues to captivate enthusiasts around the world. In this article, we will explore the top 10 best chess players in the world of 2023. These players have demonstrated exceptional skill, unwavering focus, and an unrivaled understanding of the game. From the reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen to the rising talents such as Abhimanyu Mishra, each player on this list has made a significant impact on the chess world and continues to inspire millions with their mastery of the 64 squares. Let’s dive into the profiles of these remarkable chess players and discover what sets them apart.

Magnus Carlsen – The Grandmaster Extraordinaire

Magnus Carlsen, hailing from Norway, is widely regarded as one of the greatest chess players in history. As the reigning world champion since 2013, Carlsen has displayed exceptional skills, combining deep positional understanding with relentless attacking prowess. Known for his calculated and precise moves, Carlsen has a remarkable ability to convert the smallest advantages into victories. His consistent dominance and extraordinary intuition make him a force to be reckoned with.

magnus carlsen

Ian Nepomniachtchi – The Russian Dynamo 

Ian Nepomniachtchi, a Russian grandmaster, has been making waves in the chess world with his dynamic and aggressive playing style. Known for his tactical brilliance and innovative ideas, Nepomniachtchi has consistently showcased his ability to create complications on the board. With notable victories against top players, he has proven himself as a formidable opponent and a contender for the highest honors in chess.

ian nepomniachtchi

Judit Polgár – The Queen of Chess 

Judit Polgár, a Hungarian chess prodigy, has etched her name in the annals of chess history as one of the strongest female players of all time. Renowned for her deep positional understanding and impeccable endgame skills, Polgár’s fearless approach and uncompromising play have earned her victories against world-class opponents. Her achievements have shattered gender barriers in chess, inspiring aspiring female players around the globe.

judit polgár

Ding Liren – The Chinese Virtuoso

Ding Liren, hailing from China, has established himself as one of the leading players in the world with his solid and resourceful playing style. Known for his profound understanding of the game’s subtleties, Ding has consistently performed at the highest level, achieving remarkable success against top players. His ability to withstand pressure and find precise moves in critical positions makes him a formidable force on the chessboard.

ding liren

Abhimanyu Mishra – The Young Phenom 

Abhimanyu Mishra, an American chess prodigy, has been making headlines as the youngest grandmaster in history. Mishra’s remarkable talent and relentless pursuit of excellence have caught the attention of the chess community. His strategic understanding, tactical acumen, and unwavering determination make him a player to watch in the coming years as he continues to climb the ranks of the chess elite.

abhimanyu mishra

Anish Giri – The Strategic Thinker 

Anish Giri, a Dutch grandmaster, is renowned for his solid and strategic playing style. Giri’s deep understanding of chess theory, combined with his ability to navigate complex positions, has earned him victories against strong opponents. Known for his cautious approach and precise calculation, Giri is a master at squeezing out wins from seemingly equal positions.

anish giri

Wesley So – The Endgame Virtuoso 

Wesley So, a Filipino-American grandmaster, has showcased his exceptional endgame skills and technical prowess. Known for his precise calculations and accurate evaluations, So has proven to be a formidable opponent for anyone. With his calm demeanor and ability to find optimal moves even in complex positions, he has garnered notable victories against top-level players.

wesley so

Natalia Pogonina – The Rising Star 

Natalia Pogonina, a Russian grandmaster, has established herself as one of the leading female players in the world. Known for her tactical acumen, resourcefulness, and competitive spirit, Pogonina has achieved impressive results against strong opponents. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring female players, and she continues to make significant contributions to the growth and development of women’s chess.

natalia pogonina

Alexandra Botez – The Dynamic Player 

Alexandra Botez, a Canadian chess player, has gained recognition for her dynamic and aggressive playing style. Botez’s intuitive approach, combined with her ability to generate tactical complications, has led to remarkable victories and captivating performances. She has also contributed to popularizing chess through her engaging online presence and live-streamed matches, inspiring a new generation of players.

alexandra botez

Nurgyul Salimova – The Emerging Talent 

Nurgyul Salimova, a young talent from Bulgaria, has been making waves in the chess world with her exceptional skills and promising performances. With her tactical sharpness, solid positional understanding, and hunger for success, Salimova has impressed both her peers and chess enthusiasts. As she continues to gain experience and develop her game, she has the potential to achieve great things in the world of chess.

nurgyul salimova


The top 10 best chess players in the world of 2023 represent a diverse and exceptional group of individuals who have made their mark on the game through their extraordinary skills, innovative ideas, and unwavering dedication. From the reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen to young talents like Abhimanyu Mishra and Nurgyul Salimova, each player on this list has brought their unique style and perspective to the chessboard. Their achievements inspire us, showing us that with passion, hard work, and a strategic mindset, remarkable success can be achieved. As the chess world evolves, these players will continue to shape the future of the game and inspire generations to come.

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