GSRTC Live location Bus Depo Help Line Number And Real Time Bus Tracking.

All passengers travelling by GSRTC buses can now avail the facility of online bus tracking for safety perspective. This initiative has been started to promote family members and relatives track their travelling members using bus number and online map facility. You can also check Vehicle Bus on Route (Round-trips) between two ST bus stations which are generally the trip-sheet entered by bus conductors every 4 hours.

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GSRTC also provides RapidGo android application using which you can get complete map details along with bus current status on the route for passenger convenience.

Procedure to track bus online

In order to check the ongoing route of the bus and where it is at during the current running time, you can perform the following steps:

  • Visit the official link: GSRTC Bus Tracking status online
  • Input details like PNR Number of your ticket or Vehicle registration number in the following format: GJ-01-ABC-1234.
  • If you don’t have the above two information, then you can either input Tripcode Current Date.
  • After adding any of the following info and hitting enter, the following screen shall come up with map details as well.
  • The following list of information is displayed: Departure Date & Time, Last tracked bus station, Arrival date and time of last bus station observed, Status – whether it is Ontrip or NoTrip, the Route Name (from and destination GSRTC bus station), the next halting bus station and the respective time of arrival for next bus station halt.

Buses On-Route (Round trips) status check online

If you are looking to get an overall picture of the list of buses enroute between two bus stops, then you can probably make use of the feature.

The following link takes you to the page: GS

RTC Vehicle On Route between two stations

The next step is to fill up start bus station and destination bus station and hit submit. You will now get all the list of buses at the current moment of time mentioning the following:

  • Trip code
  • Origin station and departure time
  • Destination station and arrival time
  • Conductor mobile number
  • Vehicle Bus number

These details will help immensely in the lookout for buses while boarding reserved seats online.

GSRTC Bus Tracking App Online

You can download RapidGo – the official app from GSRTC online for search and tracking bus information for all passengers at convenience.

You can download the same using the below link: RapidGo Android App

Track Your GSRTC bus Live Location : Click Here

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