Elevenlabs AI: Definition, Mission, How to Use (2024)

When it comes to technology in 2024, generative artificial intelligence cannot be avoided. The technology has permeated almost everything, and businesses are swiftly adjusting to the new technology. Examples of this include AI coding tools, local LLMs, and AI image generators. One such business that uses AI for voice cloning and speech synthesis is ElevenLabs. ElevenLabs AI can be used to clone your voice almost exactly and produce natural speech from text. So learn how to do that by following this tutorial.

About ElevenLabs

Best friends Piotr, an ex-Google machine learning engineer, and Mati, an ex-Palantir deployment strategist, founded ElevenLabs in 2022. Motivated by the ‘bad’ dubbing of Hollywood films they saw as children in their native Poland, the two began creating a platform that could remove content’s language barriers.

ElevenLabs produces the most realistic, adaptable, and contextually aware artificial intelligence (AI) audio. It can produce speech in more than 20 languages using hundreds of pre-existing and newly created voices. ElevenLabs AI is at the forefront of creating new, cutting-edge voice AI as a technology research company. We make the most cutting-edge models and features available to a user base ranging from publishers to creators and beyond through web apps or APIs.

ElevenLabs Mission

Our goal is to enable on-demand multilingual audio support for gaming, movies, streaming, education, audiobooks, and even in-person communication.

Our research powers the features available on the platform today and helps us achieve our ultimate goal of translating spoken audio between languages instantaneously. The AI dubbing tool will allow users to automatically re-voice any audio or video in a different language while maintaining the voice of the original speaker. It is scheduled for release later this year.

How to use voice-to-voice technology?

I asked ChatGPT to create a quick radio play scene with three different characters to test these claims. I then recorded each part into ElevenLabs using my broken, distorted voice, choosing a different synthetic voice for each.

I used slang terms, made awful faux American accents, paused dramatically, and never spoke very clearly at all. It struggled to convert a few letters or even entire words, but overall it did a good job conveying the emotion and intention of the phrasing.

Even with the free plan, there are plenty of options available and the process is quite simple if you want to try making your virtual voices.

If you want to create a radio play, you might want to think about upgrading as voice cloning requires a premium plan and your monthly allotment is 5,000 letters, spaces, and characters.

How to Use ElevenLabs AI?

Register for an ElevenLabs account

Register for an ElevenLabs account-Elevenlabs AI
Register for an ElevenLabs account-Elevenlabs AI

You can register directly with ElevenLabs or through Google. You will immediately be enrolled in the default, free plan after completing the simple process. Click the Sign-Up button located in the upper-left corner of the screen. You will be sent directly to the voice synthesis page after registering.

Switch to speech-to-speech

Switch to speech-to-speech-Elevenlabs AI
Switch to speech-to-speech-Elevenlabs AI

By default, text-to-speech is enabled, allowing you to type words and have them spoken aloud. Simply click the button in the upper row to activate the new speech-to-speech feature. 

Select a voice you want to use

Select a voice you want to use-Elevenlabs AI
Select a voice you want to use-Elevenlabs AI

Numerous pre-loaded voices are available, and they will recall the ones you’ve recently used. By selecting Voice Library, you can locate additional voices as well. However, the default list of voices should be sufficient to get things started. To hear the voice sample, click the play icon next to the name, or press and hold the icon to select it.

Fine-tune the voice in settings

Fine-tune the voice in settings-Elevenlabs AI
Fine-tune the voice in settings-Elevenlabs AI

You can adjust the voice to sound and react more precisely by adding more or less variability, exaggerating the style, and getting closer to the original voice. Click on voice settings to get this.

To upload or record directly

To upload or record directly-Elevenlabs AI
To upload or record directly-Elevenlabs AI

The next decision you’ll need to make is whether to upload a previously recorded audio file or just record straight into ElevenLabs, as I did with the brief radio play scene. If you’ve been in a studio or want to play a practical joke on a friend by mimicking their voice, uploading a clip could be helpful. Just click the play button with the + in the upper-right corner to upload a video. Or just press the record audio button to start recording.

Recording the audio requires another click

Recording the audio requires another click-Elevenlabs AI
Recording the audio requires another click-Elevenlabs AI

If you choose to record straight into ElevenLabs, the microphone will shift to a circle. You only need to click the microphone icon to begin recording. When the icon changes to a stop, you can click it to end the recording. 

Playback, delete, or get on with it

Playback, delete, or get on with it-Elevenlabs AI
Playback, delete, or get on with it-Elevenlabs AI

You’ll be able to play back the recordings once you’ve completed them. Simply click the play icon to get started. You will speak for yourself in this. Click delete to return to step 5, where you can record or upload a clip if you decide it’s not what you want.

Let’s change the voice

Let's change the voice-Elevenlabs AI
Let’s change the voice-Elevenlabs AI

To ensure that the recording meets your needs, just click the “Generate” button. Depending on how long the recording is, it could take several minutes.

Play, download, and use the audio

Play, download, and use the audio-Elevenlabs AI
Play, download, and use the audio-Elevenlabs AI

The new voice will begin playing automatically as soon as it is generated. With playback controls, a new menu will show up at the bottom of the screen. By selecting the upward arrow icon on the generated audio menu, you can also download it.

FAQ for Elevenlabs

Q1. How can I create an AI voice of my own?

VoiceLab is a tool available at ElevenLabs for creating your own AI voice. While Voice Cloning replicates real voices, Voice Design lets you alter the speaker’s identity to create distinctive voices in your scripts. This guarantees diversity and uniqueness in your generated voices because they are completely synthetic and unrelated to actual individuals.

Q2. Is there a free version of the ElevenLabs voice generator?

Yes, with our Free Plan, you can use the ElevenLabs voice generator without charge. Voice Design, speech generation in 29 languages, up to three custom voices, and 10,000 characters per month are all included.

Q3. What number of languages is supported by ElevenLabs ?

ElevenLabs AI provides speech synthesis in 29 languages, enabling a worldwide audience to access your content. Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and many other languages are supported.

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