Electricity Bill: Your light bill will be halved than before, do this necessary work immediately

Electricity Bill: Your light bill will be halved than before, do this necessary work immediately Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about electricity. We are left with the dilemma of how to finally reduce the electricity bill.

Just like when a huge electricity bill comes, seeing the huge amount of it, our tension increases. However, our work cannot be done without electricity. Because there are everyday things like fan, fridge, TV, heater, washing machine, cooler AC that we can’t live without. Using all this, our home and office electricity bill comes more. Which is why we are so upset.

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We do not understand how to reduce the electricity bill. What to deduct so that the bill does not come so high. However, there are a number of small steps we can take to reduce our electricity bill. Here’s a solution that can easily halve your electricity bill

How to reduce electricity consumption

Install a new electronic regulator for ceiling fans. The old fan was 75 watts. Now a new 35 watt power saving fan is also available. In this case, the old fan can be replaced, as the fan runs all day. Let me tell you that BEE’s 5 star rated fans use very little power. In such a situation we should only use the wings of new technology. So that power consumption can be cut in half.

-Mobiles, laptops, cameras and other items should be removed after using the charger plug, we often put the charger in a hurry.

– Make it a habit to turn off the lights when not working. This should be the most important habit. It can also save a lot of electricity.

Turn on the lights where needed. Only light a table lamp at night.

Make more use of natural light. Paint the room a light shade. Only use lighter colors for curtains etc. This also makes a difference to the light.

– Regularly do dusting of things like bulbs, tube lights etc. Dust causes less light and because of this we have to install more lights.

– Use LED instead of old bulb or tube light. The light that can be obtained from a 100 watt bulb can only be obtained from a 15 watt LED bulb.

– Use a new electronic choke or tube light with LED instead of the old copper choke.

– If you use an electric kettle to heat water, clean it regularly. Kettle consumes more electricity when the salt in it freezes.

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– Electric iron shuts off automatically when the temperature rises. Do not iron on wet clothes. Do not spray excess water on clothes while ironing. It uses more electricity when pressing.

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