Dolly Khanna Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & Trends

In the dynamic realm of finance and investments, Dolly Khanna has emerged as a symbol of strategic wealth creation. This article will delve into Dolly Khanna’s investment approach for 2024, highlighting the main components, including a focus on fundamental analysis, industry insights, and the specific strategies that have contributed to her success.

Dolly Khanna Portfolio 2024 Overview

Stock Name Price (Rs) P/E RATIO Quantity Value of Shares (IN CR.)
Butterfly Gandhimathi 413.2 372 1,78,895 7.4
IFB Agro Industries 499.35 22.1 1,26,902 6.3
IG Petro 445.0 39.4 2,21,871 9.8
Manappuram Finance 178.1 9.6 90,10,360 160.3
Muthoot Capital 454.0 12.0 1,95,692 8.8
Nilkamal Ltd 1370.0 24.7 2,68,705 36.8
Nocil Limited 140.15 32.6 30,28,025 42.4
NR Agrawal 190.0 3.1 2,01,544 3.8
Prakash Industries 46.0 13.1 4,00,000 1.8
Radico Khaitan 452.1 27.2 16,02,204 72.4
Rain Industries Limited 118.6 10.0 49,59,327 58.8
RSWM 93.1 3,68,536 3.4
Ruchira Papers 50.3 3,57,388 1.8
Selan Exploration 123.8 21.7 3,63,600 4.5
Shreyans Industries 78.0 5.8 95,767 0.7
Srikalahasthi Pipes 131.7 4.5 5,09,036 6.6
Sterling Tools 188.25 37.1 4,12,231 7.7
Tata Metaliks 536.75 8.8 2,84,714 15.2

Who is Dolly Khanna?

Dolly Khanna is an investor from Chennai who is known for being the “Quiet Investor” because she would rather avoid the spotlight and let her investments do the talking. It’s crucial to remember that Dolly Khanna‘s husband, Rajeev Khanna, is in charge of managing her portfolio. Rajeev founded the frozen yogurt company Kwality Milk Foods in 1986 and later sold it to Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Dolly Khanna prefers to keep a low profile, but her portfolio demonstrates her keen sense of investing. Her ability to identify promising small and mid-cap companies that are frequently overlooked by mainstream investors is what distinguishes her stock portfolio.

Her methodical approach to investing centers on identifying companies with solid core values, distinctive market positioning, and room to grow over the long run. Dolly Khanna’s portfolio, which shows that she has a good eye for sectors like chemicals, textiles, and FMCG consumer goods, is a clear example of this approach in action.

Overview of Stocks in Dolly Khanna Portfolio 2024 

  • KCP Ltd: This Indian company is involved in sugar, power, heavy engineering, cement, and healthcare. The company’s cement division produces a range of cement varieties for the building sector. The manufacture of sugar, the creation of renewable energy, and engineering products are among KCP Ltd.’s other ventures.
  • Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd: An Indian fashion and clothing brand called Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd. is renowned for producing fine garments and accessories. With a rich history spanning more than thirty years, Monte Carlo sells a variety of goods, such as t-shirts, jackets, pants, and sweaters. The brand is well-known for its chic designs, excellent craftsmanship, and dedication to client satisfaction.
  • Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd: The purpose of the state-owned oil and gas company in India is to refine and sell petroleum products. With a combined annual refining capacity of about 11.5 million metric tonnes, it runs two refineries in Chennai. CPCL offers a range of lubricants, specialty products, and fuels to meet the needs of the automotive and industrial industries.
  • Nitin Spinners Ltd: An established Indian textile manufacturer with a focus on cotton fabric and yarn production. The manufacturing setup of the company is vertically integrated, involving spinning, knitting, processing, and garment units. Nitin Spinners, which serves both domestic and international markets, is renowned for its emphasis on quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Dolly Khanna’s Net Worth

As of 3 January 2023, Dolly Khanna’s net worth stands at Rs.~618 crore. The shares in which she owns more than 1% are used to calculate her net worth. Her net worth ought to surpass Rs. 957 crore if the shares that she owns less than 1% of are taken into account.

Investment Approach of Dolly Khanna

  • Stop-loss Management: Stop-loss orders are a tool used by Dolly Khanna to protect her capital and reduce downside risk. She is fast to cut losses if a stock underperforms or the fundamentals deteriorate. Periodic evaluations of her portfolio guarantee that she continues to take the initiative to divest assets that no longer meet her investment standards.
  • Investing in Familiar Territory: Dolly Khanna follows the tenet that one should “buy what they know.” Her investment portfolio comprises companies whose products or services she personally uses or is familiar with. Her understanding of the company and its growth potential, coupled with her firsthand experience, enables her to make well-informed investment decisions.
  • Long-Term Perspective: When it comes to investing, Dolly Khanna takes a patient and long-term approach. She concentrates on stocks with the potential for steady growth and patiently holds onto them until their full potential is realized, in contrast to those who are looking for quick gains. Her unwavering dedication enables her to weather market turbulence with fortitude.
  • Smart and Diverse Investments: Dolly Khanna’s portfolio exhibits a well-thought-out and varied selection of superior stocks from a range of industries. She actively searches for underappreciated gems or possible multi-baggers and diversifies her holdings in the chemical, sugar, textile, and manufacturing industries. Through diversification, one can effectively manage risk and take advantage of opportunities across various market segments.
  • Thorough Research: Independent, in-depth research is a key component of Dolly Khanna’s approach. Instead of depending on hearsay or insider information, she thoroughly examines a company’s competitive advantages, growth potential, fundamentals, and valuation. Her decision-making process also heavily relies on keeping up with macroeconomic and industry developments.

Dolly Khanna Multibagger Stocks

  • Monte Carlo Fashions: Clothing is designed, manufactured, and marketed by Monte Carlo Fashions. Over the past year, the company’s stock has returned more than thirty percent.
  • Nitin Spinners: Textile manufacturer Nitin Spinners produces yarn for export. In the past year, the company’s stock has returned more than 100%.
  • Prakash Pipes: Prakash Pipes is a company that produces various plastic products, including pipes. Over 20% has been returned on the company’s stock in the past year.
  • Deepak Spinners: Another textile manufacturer and exporter of yarn is Deepak Spinners. Over the past year, the company’s stock has returned more than fifty percent.

Dolly Khanna Portfolio 2024: Sector-Wise Investment

  • Auto Ancillaries: Dolly Khanna has recently made investments in businesses that produce auto components, among other auto-ancillary businesses.
  • Textiles: Dolly Khanna has expressed interest in businesses in the textile industry, such as those that produce yarn, make fabrics, and create clothing labels.
  • Chemicals: Chemical companies, such as those producing carbon products, rubber chemicals, and specialty chemicals, are included in Dolly Khanna’s portfolio.

Investment Strategy of Dolly Khanna Portfolio 2024

The primary decision-maker for the Khanna couple’s portfolio, Rajeev Khanna, has a strong belief in seizing growth prospects in the small and mid-cap industries. Their strategy is to hold stocks for a long time, let businesses grow, and then turn those stocks into multi-baggers.

Their investment approach is characterized as Growth-Midcap, with a portion allocated to small-cap stocks. They typically look for businesses that have a lot of room to grow, which means they frequently find them early in their company’s life cycle.

Although the Khanna couple’s portfolio suggests a slight preference for manufacturing, agriculture, and chemical companies, they are willing to consider opportunities in other sectors as well. Usually once a quarter, they examine and modify their holdings regularly. They recently added the alcohol-based stocks Radico Khaitan and Som Distilleries to their portfolio.

Rajeev Khanna prioritizes a growth-oriented strategy over a value-focused one and is a staunch supporter of value investing. This preference informs their stock selection process and demonstrates their dedication to finding businesses with promising future growth.

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