Whatsapp New Policy Declare 2021

Whatsapp New Policy Declare 2021

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 The new year has started with new conditions for WhatsApp users. The company has set a condition that the account will be deleted if users do not believe it. WhatsApp has given users until February 8 to consider whether they will comply with WhatsApp’s terms or be willing to delete their account. More than 200 million users worldwide use WhatsApp. We are answering your questions with these terms as follows:

1. What is WhatsApp’s new policy? WhatsApp is getting new terms and privacy policy updates. It states that users must comply with the new terms. This policy is going to be implemented from February 8, 2021. After this date new conditions will be required if the user rejects it then his account will be deleted. For that you can visit the help center. Currently, the policy offers the option of agri and not now.

2. Why did WhatsApp make this decision? After implementing this policy, WhatsApp will be able to access the data of more than 200 million users. This means that the company will be able to share this data on other platforms. Under the new policy, WhatsApp will share user data with its parent company Facebook and Instagram. This means that WhatsApp can make money using its users’ data.

3. What will be the effect of the policy on the user? It has been decided that if you use WhatsApp, you will have to apply this policy. That means you have to share WhatsApp’s privacy company even if you don’t want to. WhatsApp will monitor your data and not your privacy. Let’s understand this …

4. Should the policy be accepted? The new policy will have a profound effect on user privacy. This means that a company like you that approves a new policy will also be given rights to access its own data. The problem is that the policy needs to be adhered to when running WhatsApp. Because after February 8, you have to agree with the policy. If you do not agree, you will have to delete the WhatsApp account.

5. What happened to the company’s end-to-end encrypted policy? WhatsApp claims in its end-to-end encrypted policy that it does not have your message, data. It will end after February 8. The company wrote in its policy that your privacy and security is paramount to us, so we have developed an end-to-end encryption feature for you.

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