Use Silent Eye and catch all the mobile intruders with ease. Try Now!

 Use Silent Eye and catch all the mobile intruders with ease. Try Now!

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Silent Eye – Catch your Friends, Read Daily Quotes, Send Message to unsaved numbers

Use Silent Eye and catch all the mobile intruders with ease. Silent Eye app will ease your task of catching your friends and family while they try to access your mobile. Silent Eye will take a photo while someone tries to access your mobile with wrong PIN, Pattern or Password. You can catch the intruders red-handed using this app. It provides a lot more cool features.

Silent Eye app capture photo from front camera on every wrong attempts of your pin and password.
When you unlock your device with correct password, Silent Eye will show the picture of friend
and family who tries to unlock your phone.

Features :

  • 1. The app automatically takes a photo while someone enters the wrong PIN, Pattern or Password.
  • 2. Notification about wrong attempts while you unlock the phone lock screen.
  • 3. Last Unlock Time feature will show you the previous lock screen unlock time. With that, you can easily find if someone used your mobile without your knowledge.

Other Features :

  • Open Whatsapp without saving contact –
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Note: “This app uses the Device Administrator permission.” This app uses the “Monitor screen-unlock attempts” device admin permission to detect the wrong attempts in your mobile lock screen. Without permission, the app may not work properly.

Note: To Uninstall the app, please turn off intruder detection feature in the app and uninstall the app. Else, you can directly use the Uninstall option available inside the app menu.

Download App : Click Here

This app is not associated nor endorsed by Whatsapp which is registered trademark of whatsapp Inc. Send message without saving contact uses official whatsapp API to send message to any contact who is registered with the app

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