US President Joe Biden India’s Visit Is Scheduled to Happen?

There will be US President Joe Biden India’s visit next month. In the month of September, he will come to India from 7-10 September to participate in the summit of G-20 countries. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has confirmed this. Sullivan said Biden would hold several bilateral meetings while attending the G-20 meeting. Although he did not give information related to this. The US will host the G20 summit in 2026.

The White House said on Tuesday (22 August) that US President Joe Biden’s India visit will urge reforms at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank at the G20 summit in Delhi next month to better serve the needs of developing countries.

Sullivan said US Vice President Kamala Harris would separately attend the ASEAN summit in Indonesia in September. During this, he said that Biden would focus on the modernization of development banks at the G-20 summit. According to another report, US’s top educational and cultural envoy Lee Satterfield will travel to India this week to attend the G20 Culture Ministerial Meeting and hold talks with her Indian counterparts on bilateral issues.

National Security Advisor for the White House Jake Sullivan’s Statement

According to White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, the World Bank and IMF both need to provide better funding and development assistance alternatives. He dubbed it China’s coerced and unsustainable borrowing, drawing parallels with Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative.

“We’ve heard loud and clear that countries want us to step up our support to meet the challenges they face,” Sullivan told reporters. Much attention will be focused on the modernization of multilateral development banks, including the World Bank and the IMF.

He said the objective is to ensure that development banks provide high-standard and high-value solutions to challenges faced by developing countries.

What Did Jake Sullivan Say About China?

Jake Sullivan described both institutions as highly effective and transparent, in contrast to Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative. Over the course of ten years, China has increased its influence in global development through the Belt and Road Initiative, which includes large infrastructure and industrial loans to developing nations.

Jake Sullivan said Instead of what China is offering as a very opaque or coercive method of development finance, I am suggesting that the IMF and the World Bank are positive alternatives.

The World Bank and the IMF would have about $200 billion more in lending power as a result of proposals the US would push in Delhi, he said. However, Sullivan emphasized that since China is a key partner of both organizations and a member of the G20, and because China is essential to their modernization, US support for the World Bank and the IMF is not anti-Chinese.

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Satterfield Will Also Go to Varanasi

Satterfield, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, will be in India from June 22 to 27. there will be Joe Biden’s India visit next month ahead of the proposed G20 leaders’ summit in India in September. In India, Satterfield will visit New Delhi and Varanasi. In Varanasi, she will address the G20 Culture Ministerial Meeting on Saturday, 26 August. She will participate in several bilateral meetings with all partners including G20 member states and UNESCO.

Meet Alumni

Satterfield’s participation underscores the United States’ strong commitment to promoting the protection, preservation, and promotion of culture through stronger international cooperation, and Washington’s support for the G20 Culture Working Group, the US State Department said in a statement. ‘

Prior to the G20 Culture Ministerial Meeting, Satterfield will visit the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) project site and the American Center in New Delhi (ACND) in New Delhi and meet alumni of the educational exchange program.

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