Top 10 Rechargeable LED Bulbs in India (2023): Light Up Your World

This innovative lighting solution appears similar to traditional LED bulbs, featuring a B22 base with a slightly heavier build due to the integrated battery. When connected to a power source, the bulb operates as a regular LED, providing 100% lumens of bright light. With an average backup time of 3-4 hours and an 8-10 hour charging period, these bulbs offer energy-efficient and reliable lighting. However, in this blog, we are going to learn about the top 10 rechargeable LED bulb manufacturers & suppliers in India.

What is a Rechargeable or inverter-LED bulb?

A rechargeable LED bulb is also known as an inverter LED bulb because a rechargeable battery is present in it. This battery is stores electricity while the lights on.

These inverter-LED bulbs are the same as ordinary LED bulbs in look. In addition to having a B22 base, this LED bulb weighs a little more. 

Top 10 Rechargeable LED Bulb Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Surya Roshni: One of the biggest manufacturers of rechargeable LED bulbs, Surya now sells fifty different items on the Indian market. The company has one of the most technologically equipped production facilities in the nation in NOIDA.

Syska: The success of SYSKA shows that a company need not be in operation for a century to enjoy commercial success. Even though the business has only existed for about twenty years, in that short time it has already dominated the market for rechargeable LED lighting.

Moser Baer: Moser Baer decided to enter the LED lighting business after rising to prominence in the CD and DVD manufacturing sector. Rechargeable Led Bulb Manufacturers follows through on its promise to cut its energy use by fifty megawatts over the following two years.

Kwality Photonics: The first Indian business to start domestic LED manufacture was Kwality. Additionally, it controls a larger portion of the domestic LED lighting market than any rival from abroad. This business, which has been established since 1966, is well known for producing LED lights and displays of the highest quality.

Eveready: The company’s first century of activity in the dry cell battery industry came to an end in 2005. This further proves the reliability and high caliber of the items. In addition, prices for products like rechargeable LED bulbs are very reasonable and available to all. The business offers illumination options for LEDs that are as extensive as the Amazon River, making them capable of successfully meeting the needs of both urban and rural areas.

Wipro: Wipro, which was once focused on the selling of vegetable oil and computer solutions, has come a long way from its humble origins to become one of India’s top LED lighting companies. Products made with LED lighting from Wipro can be found in factories, workplaces, and residences. It has quickly become one of India’s fastest-growing lighting startups for all the right reasons.

Bajaj Electricals: By simply operating one of the company’s vehicles, you may determine how robust and long-lasting a product is if it carries the Bajaj name. They are currently India’s top suppliers of rechargeable LED bulbs. It’s a blessing for everyone that the company’s dedication to creating high-quality products extended to the creation of LED lights.

Havells: In India, Havells has 14 different factories. Havells is possibly well-known to you thanks to their famed “Cables Don’t Catch Fire” commercial. That demonstrates the company’s dedication to excellence in spades. Havells started manufacturing LED lights in 2010, making it a relative newcomer to the market.

Osram: German engineering is well-known. Engineers from Germany are frequently considered as setting the bar for the field. Whether you’re looking for lights, general illumination, rechargeable light bulbs, or indoor or outdoor LED modules, Osram India has a solution for all of your LED lighting needs.

Philips: Truth is spoken. As a small child, you first came across this label. The LED lighting company Philips, which has its headquarters in the Netherlands, considers India to be its biggest market. More than any other, consumers trust this brand of LED lights. The business prides itself on using cutting-edge technology and provides a variety of LED lighting solutions to the Indian market. 

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How Does a Rechargeable Bulb Work?

These rechargeable LED bulbs are plugged into a B22 (E27) holder and switch on the mainboard button. When the main electricity is present at that time this uses electricity for given lights and gives 100% lumens light.

And when the electricity cuts off during the switch on it automatically on and gives 40-60% lumens lights from the battery. Inverter bulbs will get automatically charged when it is kept ON.


When comparing an LED bulb’s wattage and lumen output, its efficiency is determined. This means per watt how many outputs are produced by the LED bulb in lumens.

Here lumens show how bright the is led bulb so more lumens means the brightness is more. Additionally, wattage displays the amount of energy needed to generate light. More wattage translates to more power consumption.

The average lumens produced by LED bulbs are 80-100 per watt. So chose LED bulb is energy efficient.

Color Temperature of LED Bulb

Color Temperature means which type of color produced by LED light doesn’t mean by heat and is measured in Kelvin. It typically ranges from 2000k-6500k. The scale goes from warm white to cool white. 2700k-3500k yellowish light, 4000k-4500k less yellowish light, and 5000k-6500k white light.

Battery Capacity, Backup and Charging Time

For rechargeable LED bulbs, backup time is the most important role for buying these inverters LED bulbs. So you must know how much backup is given by this rechargeable LED bulb.

The average backup time of these LED bulbs is 3-4 hours. These bulbs are fully charged in 8-10 hours of average timing.


Rechargeable or inverter LED bulbs represent a remarkable fusion of energy efficiency and uninterrupted illumination. These bulbs seamlessly transition between traditional LED functionality and battery-powered backup, ensuring continuous lighting during power disruptions. These innovative bulbs exemplify the evolution of lighting technology in meeting modern-day needs.

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