Terrible cyclone flew in the sky

Terrible cyclone flew in the sky

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We don’t even know what is happening around us.  Information is obtained when it goes viral and is known through the media.

Sometimes heavy rain, sometimes sunshine, sometimes tsunami, sometimes tornado.  Such scenes are very surprising and even some heartbreaking.  You may have seen a tornado, also called a cyclone.  In fact, a column of air that rotates violently is called a cyclone.

 ટ્વીટર પર વિડિયો જુઓ

A video is going viral these days, showing a fierce cyclone.

In the video you can see how terrible the cyclone is.  It covers a very long area.  This cyclone is so dangerous and fast that it can damage people, even large vehicles.

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In this way, sometimes the event itself becomes frightening, and a great deal of damage is done.

The 30-second video has received 6.4 million views so far.

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