SOS Women Safety Emergency Alert Application

SOS Women Safety Emergency Alert Application

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 Today we share one of the most useful applications for women this is the ‘Woman Safety App‘ It is very much a required app for every girl. To not to fall interested and can save them selfs from the attacks. Woman safety is most important and awareness is also important so let’s spared awareness. The best app for women and mostly for young age girls. Let’s know all the detailed information about these Emergency Alert tools.

SOS Women Safety Emergency Alert Application

Very useful application in emergency situations.  It is especially e useful for those females who are working at late night. This app will definitely give security for every girl and woman in every emergency situation. 

This is an Emergency Alert tool for your smartphone with this you get Women Safety Tips, Tips to Escape from Threats, IPC Sections Related to Women Safety, Self-defence Videos, and more. this tool Works on SMS-based and without Internet its also Works even in low network signals.

Give an emergency alert to your parents with your location. Women security is an important issue that we ignore many times so be always ready and alert. It saves the lives of people in emergency situations. All girls and women must install this tool in their smartphones for safety and emergency alerts. It has self-defense videos and tips also you download it and watch it.

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