Shankar Sharma Portfolio 2024: Simple Strategies for Success

Experienced investors such as Shankar Sharma are vital in the ever-changing financial world because they have a significant impact on investment strategies and market trends. Upon the arrival of 2024, both novice and experienced investors are showing a great deal of interest in Shankar Sharma Portfolio 2024.

Shankar Sharma Portfolio 2024 Overview

Stock Name Market Cap
Brightcom Group Ltd. ₹6,007 Cr
Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd. ₹56 Cr
Shreyas Intermediates Ltd. ₹77 Cr
Natraj Proteins Ltd. ₹18 Cr
Priti International Ltd. ₹196 Cr
Ishan Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. ₹113 Cr
Ajanta Pharma Ltd. ₹18,626 Cr
Orient Green Power Company Ltd. ₹818 Cr
Rolta India Ltd. ₹32 Cr

Who is Shankar Sharma? Shankar Sharma Portfolio 2024

In the Indian stock market, renowned financial expert and seasoned investor Shankar Sharma is well-known. Before starting the esteemed asset management company GQuant Investec, he was the managing director of First Global, a well-known financial services company. Shankar Sharma is well-known for his contributions to financial magazines and appearances on television channels.

Upon graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, Sharma began his career as a stockbroker in the early 1980s. In 1994, he established First Global, and he joined the GQuant Investec field in 2015.

Sharma has gained recognition for his exceptional abilities in-stock selection and insightful analysis of market trends. He made many noteworthy financial choices, including recognizing early on the potential of the Indian IT industry in the 1990s.

Highlights of Shankar Sharma Portfolio 2024

  • In 2007, Forbes magazine named him “The Alchemist of Dalal Street.”
  • Published in prestigious journals such as CNBC, The Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal.
  • Established First Global in 1994, marking a pivotal moment in his professional life.
  • Launched GQuant Investec in 2015, thereby broadening his knowledge in finance.

Shankar Sharma Portfolio 2024 Analysis

  • Promoter Holding Stability: Between March and September of 2023, the Promoters’ shareholding dropped from 38.23% in December of 2022 to 28.21%. This might point to a change in the ownership structure or a decline in promoter confidence. To determine the causes of this decline, more research is required.
  • Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) Impact: The stake held by FIIs shows a notable increase from 0.00% in December 2022 to 5.27% in March 2023, with a subsequent minor decline to 1.31% in September 2023. This implies that foreign investors are actively involved, potentially as a result of shifting market dynamics or business performance.
  • Public Participation Growth: The percentage of public shares has risen steadily, from 61.77% in December 2022 to 70.49% in September 2023. This upward trend might be a sign of rising public confidence and investor interest. It’s important to think about whether this is a reaction to a particular development or a positive sentiment.
  • Shareholder Base Expansion: There has been a significant increase in the number of shareholders, from 203 in December 2022 to 2,653 in September 2023. This indicates that the company’s investor base will grow significantly. Gaining knowledge about the characteristics and driving forces of these new investors may help you better understand how the market views the company.
  • Trend Analysis for Trade Volume: There appears to have been a stabilization or consolidation in the most recent quarters when comparing the trade volumes in each quarter. The promoter and FII holdings changed significantly in the first quarter, but the pattern became more stable in the following quarters. It would be useful to look at the factors influencing this stability to predict future trends.

Net Worth Shankar Sharma Portfolio 2024

  • December 2022: ₹164.8 crore
  • March 2023: ₹99.0 crore
  • June 2023: ₹88.4 crore

Investment Strategy of Shankar Sharma Portfolio 2024

  • Emphasis on Long-Term Investing
  1. Ignores short-term market swings in favor of a long-term focus.
  2. Adopts a “buy and hold” mentality.
  • Selection of Quality Companies
  1. focuses only on investing in businesses with sound fundamentals and capable management.
  2. looks for businesses that have a profitable track record and a competitive edge.
  • Portfolio Diversification
  1. Highlights how crucial it is to diversify one’s investments across a range of markets and industries.
  2. Reduces risk and maximizes possible profits.
  • Embracing Small-Cap Stocks
  1. A strong conviction that small-cap stocks can provide better returns.
  2. Recognizes their erratic behavior while emphasizing careful investigation.
  • Avoiding Panic Selling
  1. Advises against making rash purchases when the market is down.
  2. Considers these times as opportunities to buy premium stocks at a discount.

Learnings from Shankar Sharma Portfolio 2024

  • Research small-cap stocks thoroughly to find opportunities.
  • Remain disciplined and patient, and refrain from acting rashly.
  • Go against the sentiment of the market and take a contrarian stance.
  • To reduce risk and optimize returns, diversify your investments.
  • Consider market downturns as chances to buy rather than as causes for fear.
  • Give top priority to businesses with sound management and solid foundations.

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