See some beautiful birds of Gujarat and the world and also know the names

   વો્ટ્સએપ ગ્રુપ જોઈન કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો 

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See some beautiful birds of Gujarat and the world and also know the names

As for the state birds of Gujarat, they live in relatively shallow reservoirs, including saline lagoons, salt pans, river mouths and enormous saline or alkaline lakes.  Greater flamingos are commonly referred to as carnivorous birds, they also prey on vertebrates such as nematodes, worms, crabs, mollusks, crustaceans, insects and larvae and small fish.  They are also going to consume substances including grass, seeds and sprouts, decaying leaves and algae.

The timing of breeding is variable in most of the tropics and subtropics (season varies with location and should occur at irregular intervals in some areas). The nest may be a small mound approximately twelve inches high, circular, and with a depressed center for the egg to be laid.

Like most birds, the black-headed gull, which prefers the lake as its “home”, prefers shallow water.  If there is a strong current in the reservoirs, it will definitely move it away.  Another important requirement for a settlement point is that there should be a lot of vegetation on it.  You can often see seagulls on the surface of the lake, swimming on the water lilies.

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Featuring a durable vinyl binding and bright full-color photographic identification pictures arranged for quick access and precise text, including information on bird sounds, nesting habits, habitat, range, and interesting behaviors.  

        લાઈવ લોકેશન જોવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો.  

Series maps with;  Overhead flight silhouettes;  The sections on bird-watching, endangered species and endangered birds make the National Audubon Society’s Guide to North American Birds the most widely available.

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Pond birds vary in various dimensions: preferably in structure to size.  But they all have one thing in common – love of reservoirs.

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At first glance, the bird is normal, but if it can be seen, you will see how it removes its chic tank.  Males are fire-redhead Hercolka feathers with blue tips, and females are orange or yellow.

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First of all, this bird is distinguished by its bright colors: breast – purple, belly – blue, head and head – green, and a white stripe can be found near its eyes.  In addition, the bird’s face is a shade of red, and its wings have a brown shade with a bright blue color at the bottom.

માયાભાઈ આહિરનો ફૂલ કોમેડી સાથે ડાયરો જુઓ

An award-winning science writer tours the world to reveal what makes birds capable of such extraordinary feats of mental prowess

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Birds are astonishingly intelligent creatures. consistent with revolutionary new research, some birds rival primates and even humans in their remarkable sorts of intelligence. within the Genius of Birds, acclaimed author Jennifer Ackerman explores their newly discovered brilliance and the way it happened. Some beautiful birds from Gujarat and the world

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John James Audubon (1785-1851) began to color every known (to him) North American bird within the early-nineteenth century. He eventually stopped at 435 paintings after he exhausted his personal resources. His original paintings of over one thousand birds (now owned by the New-York Historical Society), and therefore the hand-colored plates that were subsequently engraved from them, are considered unique. All the birds were painted life-size, and lots of are shown interacting with other birds and wildlife, often in violent, predatory ways. Some beautiful birds from Gujarat and the world

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Hummingbirds are able to move in different directions without changing body position due to the control of air vortices around the wings.  This art is embedded in it by the right creator, and there can be no way to the fruit of evolution.

In 2000, the top of Special Collections and therefore the head of Preservation performed a plate-by-plate assessment of the Audubon collection. they found a big number of paper tears, lines, stains, cigar ash, and smudges in various plates throughout the set. After carefully handling each plate, they came to understand that the set required the professional attention of a conservator so as to both better preserve the plates while at an equivalent time making them more accessible.

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Today, ornithologists, art historians, rare book librarians, and collectors consider Audubon’s masterpiece to be by far the best work on North American ornithology.

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It was so much fun to see different birds from Gujarat and the world and all the birds are beautiful too.  We are happy to see the birds of Gujarat and the world.

  વો્ટ્સએપ ગ્રુપ જોઈન કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો  

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