SBI Debit Card Tracking Unveiled: Tracking Made Easy 2024

The State Bank of India (SBI) has streamlined a number of its services to give consumers quick and easy banking experiences at a time when technology is king. The ability to track their debit cards is one issue that SBI customers frequently have. While there’s no denying that technology has enhanced banking procedures. We’ll look at both conventional approaches and detailed instructions in this post on SBI Debit Card Tracking.

SBI Debit Card Tracking Overview

Beneficiary SBI Account Holder
Customer Care No. 1800 425 3800
SBI card Official Website Click Here

How to Track SBI ATM Card Delivery Status Online?

Your SBI ATM or debit card will be sent by SBI via Speed Post within 7–10 working days if you applied online for a new card or filled out the SBI Debit Card Application Form at the closest branch. You will need to bear in mind a few things if you want to check the status of your ATM or debit card during this period.

Requirements for SBI ATM Card Status Tracking

  • SBI NET Banking Registration Number: This is necessary if you want to check the status of your SBI debit card via net banking.
  • YONO SBI App: You will require the SBI YONO Application if you want to track your SBI debit card using your smartphone.
  • SBI Mobile Number Registration: To verify the SMS that SBI Bank sent, or to contact customer service.

SBI Debit Card Tracking Speed Post

  • Website of Indian Post:
  • Locate the consignment tracking page (Track N Trace) on the opening home page.
  • In the ‘Track n Trace’ section, enter the consignment number as SBI ATM Card Tracking Speed ​Post Number.
  • Proceed by entering the displayed Captcha Code or Numeric Verification, then select the ‘Track Now’ option.
  • Now, a page containing the dispatch details for your SBI Debit Card will be displayed to you.
  • Your SBI Debit Card’s delivery status, including its current location and anticipated arrival date, can be found here.

SBI Debit Card Tracking Number/Customer Care

  • Make a call from your registered mobile number to 1800 1234 or 1800 2100.
  • To track “ATM Card,” press 2.
  • Input the final four numbers from your SBI bank account.

SBI Debit Card Tracking Using Yono Lite App

  • Access your SBI Yono Lite application by logging in and selecting ‘Manage Cards’.
  • Choose “Debit Card Issuance Tracking” after choosing “Physical Debit Cards.”
  • After choosing every option, including the account, the year, and the month that you applied for a new card, click “Submit.”
  • Your SBI debit card tracking information is now visible to you, along with other crucial details like status and reference number.

How to Check SBI ATM Card Delivery Status through SBI Net Banking?

  • Enter your SBI User ID and password to access your SBI Net Banking account. (If you are unable to remember your details, please refer to the YONO SBI username and password forgotten instructions.)
  • Upon accessing your SBI Net Banking account, select the ‘e-services’ icon located at the top of the interface.
  • Click the ‘ATM Card Services’ option now. Next, choose ‘Request ATM/Debit Card.’ The screen will then present you with two options: Apply and Inquiry.
  • When filling out the Debit Card Application Form, click the ‘Enquiry’ tab, choose the Account number and the month of the ATM card inquiry (keep in mind that the inquiry’s date range should be six months from the current date), and then click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • You will find all the official information regarding the SBI ATM Card on the screen that follows.

SBI Debit Card Tracking Status Complaint

You can be certain that SBI has sent your ATM card to the SBI Account communication address you provided when opening your account if you have received the SBI ATM Card Tracking Number. But the shipping company might not be able to deliver it, or your current address might be incorrect. If this is the case, you can attempt tracking your ATM card using the previously mentioned courier service or post office consignment tracking method.

Your SBI ATM card can be returned to the home branch if you are unable to locate the card details. Thus, confirm that your SBI Account has your most recent address updated. You can modify your online communication address if you have access to SBI Net Banking. If not, you will need to modify your address by getting in touch with your home branch. Your only choice is to get the ATM card by contacting your bank branch if, for some reason, tracking your SBI Debit Card is not possible. where you can reapply for an ATM card online.

FAQ of SBI Debit Card Tracking

Q1. How much time does it take for my SBI debit card to arrive?

You will receive your debit card at your registered address with your SBI bank account within seven working days of the bank approving your debit card application. 

Q2. How can I find the replacement SBI card I have?

Open the “SBI Yono Lite” app on your smartphone, select Manage Cards->Debit Card Issuance Tracking, and follow the instructions to track your SBI replacement card. Next, choose your account number, the application’s year and month, and click the “Submit” button. The following screen will display the tracking status.

Q3. After ten business days, what happens if I still haven’t received my SBI debit card?

With the written application, visit the branch closest to you. Explain the problem and include any supporting documentation. Send it to the branch manager or other relevant person, and they will handle your issue further. 

Q4. How can I locate the number on my SBI ATM card?

To get your card number back, give the customer service team a call at 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3801. Ask for assistance from the team once your call has connected. Your identity and account ownership will be confirmed by them. They will then assist you in locating your ATM card number.

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