Microsoft Surface Event (2023): How to watch Online? Know Details

Few events in the rapidly changing world of technology are as exciting and anticipated as the annual Microsoft Surface Event. The world’s tech enthusiasts and Microsoft devotees gathered once more this year to watch the company’s most recent inventions be unveiled. The Microsoft Surface Event 2023 delivered on its promise to be a game-changer.

When will the Microsoft Surface Event take place? 

On September 21, the Microsoft Surface event 2023 is scheduled to begin in New York City at 7 AM PST or 7:30 PM (India time), and a recording of the event will be made available online at 10:30 PM (India time) on the Microsoft event website. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is also anticipated to attend the event, which will be the company’s first Surface event held in person since the pandemic began.

How to watch the Microsoft Surface event 2023?

Microsoft declared that both its own website and YouTube would stream the event. Although it hasn’t yet uploaded the direct live stream embed on that website, we’ve added links to the respective channels in its place.

We’ll update the page as Microsoft adds its direct streaming connections.

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What to expect from the Microsoft Surface event?

  • AI Features to Windows 11:
    The Windows 11 upgrade, code-named 23H2, which could include Windows Copilot, an AI-powered personal assistant, is anticipated to be released by Microsoft. By the end of September, the new update—which is presently being tested by Windows Insiders—is anticipated to be available.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft has already lined up a large number of third-party developers, like Adobe, Mem, and Spotify, who will support third-party plugins for Windows Copilot. 

  • New Surface devices:
    A new version of the Surace Laptop Studio featuring an Intel 13th generation processor, an Nvidia RTX 4060 graphics card, and 64 GB of DDR5 SDRAM is anticipated by Microsoft. The Surface Laptop Studio 2 will, according to a claim by The Verge, have a design that is identical to the first model, with a display that slides forward to convert the laptop into a tablet.

The Surface Go 4, which might be powered by an Intel N200 processor, is another product that is anticipated to be unveiled during the event today, according to Windows Central. According to the source, Microsoft has also changed the new Surface Go’s internal organisation to make it easier to fix.

Surface Hardware is Scheduled to Launch in September at a Microsoft Surface Event

Microsoft’s Surface line of laptops features numerous models with various form factors. The Surface Laptop Studio is one of the most distinctive PCs you can buy because of its flexible design that lets you prop its screen up against the track pad for enhanced view ability. The Surface Pro is a 2-in-1. Additionally, there are the normally designed Surface Laptop and its ‘Go’ variation.

In the next event, Microsoft is anticipated to upgrade a number of these items. These devices are anticipated to receive updated internals, new features, and upgrades. The following is a list of every device we can anticipate seeing at the Surface event next month (some may not be updated):

  • Surface Pro 10
  • Surface Pro 10
  • Surface Go 4
  • Surface Laptop 6
  • Surface Laptop Go 3
  • Surface Laptop Studio 2


The Microsoft Surface Event 2023 served as a showcase for the company’s dedication to innovation and pushing the limits of what technology is capable of. These gadgets, which range from the sophisticated Surface Laptop 5 to the cutting-edge Surface Duo 2, promise to transform how we work, create, and connect in the digital age.

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