JioFiber Router Reset (2023): Everything You Need to Know

JioGiga fiber internet connection uses a JioFiber router to deliver internet connections to the client end. A Jio Fiber router must be installed beside your fiber internet line if you subscribe to Jio Fiber. The brand of Jio Fiber router that each customer uses will depend on their broadband package and router type. When changing the default Jio Router and having trouble logging in, you can reset the JioGiga fiber router to solve the problem. To learn how to reset Jiofiber router and recover your settings, read the complete article.

But if you forget your password or your router keeps breaking, you can restore settings to default mode by performing a reset Jiofiber router. With or without logging in to the router settings, there are two ways to reset the Jio fiber ONT modem. Because configuration files can be downloaded before returning the router to default mode, Jio Fiber reset via the web interface is a little bit safer. To reset the Jio fiber modem router to default settings, use the two methods listed below.

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Factory Default Jiofiber Router Using The Web Interface

Making a router or modem factory reset clears all configurations, necessitating a new setup in accordance with internet settings. To reset Jiofiber router via a browser, you must first log in.

  • Activate the Jio Router’s DC adaptor.
  • Using the Ethernet port on the Jio Giga Fiber router, connect the Jio WiFI router using WiFi or wired LAN connection.
  • Check the sticker-printed username and password for the Jio Router.
  • Launch a web browser, type into the address bar, and wait for the jio login screen to load.
  • When logging in to your router for the first time, use Jio Fiber’s default login, “admin,” and password, “Jiocentrum.” If you’ve already changed the admin password, use that one instead.
  • You will receive all settings as soon as you open the router control panel.
  • Activate Backup/Restore under Administration-Maintenance.
  • To return the JioFiber router to default settings, press the “Default” button.
  • The decision to reset the router to default settings will be confirmed.
  • It will take a few minutes for your router to restart and return to normal settings. The router’s default username and password can be used to log in.
  • To restore the router configuration backup file you had previously saved before doing a reset, go to Administration-Maintenance-Backup/Restore.
  • You can utilize the hard reset option to reset Jio without logging into settings if you are unable to log in to your Jio Fiber router because you have forgotten your username or password.

Reset The Jio Giga Fiber Router Using The Reset Button

Every router and modem has a feature that allows you to access the router settings if you forget your password and become locked out. When forgetting login information, you can Reset Jiofiber Router to its default settings. To reset the Jio ONU router to factory settings, follow the procedures.

  • If your Jio Fiber router isn’t receiving electricity, turn it on.
  • Depending on the Jio router model, look for a little reset switch close to the power button or Ethernet connector.
  • To activate the reset switch, which is mostly within and has a little hole to push it through, use a paper clip.
  • When the router restarts on its own, press and hold the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds before letting go.
  • The Jio router may be reset to factory settings in a matter of minutes.
  • To verify that the router has been reset, ping the IP address 192.168.29.l.
  • Reboot the router and configure it again using the default settings for your internet connections.
  • Although a hard reset can be performed remotely using the web interface, you must be physically close to the router to perform a soft reset, which resets the router to its factory default settings and may cause connection loss. You must restore the configuration of the router in order to regain remote access, thus do not attempt to reset Jiofiber router remotely.


Several connectivity problems can often be resolved by resetting the Jio Fiber router. You can reset Jiofiber router and resume enjoying a flawless internet experience by using the steps suggested in this guide. Keep in mind to get in touch with Jio Fiber customer service if you have any recurring problems.

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