Government to provide 90% subsidy to farmers on solar light trap in horticultural crops

Government to provide 90% subsidy to farmers on solar light trap in horticultural crops

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Subsidy schemes for farmers 

 Farmers get information about the prevailing schemes of Gujarat government but many small schemes which can give big benefits can also give benefits to the farmers. In one such scheme, farmers are getting help in solar trap, before the last date of which you too should know the complete details of applying for the benefit of this scheme. While farmers are resorting to various measures to protect their crops from pests, farmers are getting subsidy on solar light traps, especially in horticultural crops.Farmer is are being subsidized to buy solar light traps. 

 Who can get this help? 

 Farmers of Gujarat can avail the benefits of this scheme The farmer should own the land and have his own land record or copy of 7/12 extract 


 1. 7-12 copy of your land 
 2. Copy of ration card 
 3. Copy of Aadhaar card 
 4. Certificate if you are a farmer of SC or ST category 
 5. Consent form of other stakeholder in case the farmer’s land is joint account holder 
 6. Bank account passbook 
 7. Mobile number 

Last date: March 21, 2022 

 Apply online 

 STEP-1:  Open the website of ikhedutl Portal 2022 in Google and click on ‘Plan’ in it. 

 STEP-2:  After clicking on the scheme, click on ‘Agriculture Schemes’ after which several schemes will open, similar to clicking on Solar Light Trap. 

Apply online: Click here

 STEP-3:  After reading the scheme information, click on Apply. 
 After which if you have already registered on this portal then yes and if you have not then first you have to register and after that further process can be done. 

 STEP-4:  If you have already registered then you have to save the application by submitting that document. 

 STEP-5:  You will have to read the entire application again and confirm the application, the print of which will also be obtained. 

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