Firing on Salman House: Lawrence Bishnoi’s Brother Claims 

Anmol Bishnoi, the brother of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, is said to have admitted responsibility for Firing on Salman House. Anmol, who is reportedly hiding in the United States and wanted in India, allegedly posted on social media, calling the actor’s termination a “trailer” and issuing a warning.

“We seek peace. If the only response to oppression is war, then let it be. Salman Khan, we’ve merely given you a preview to demonstrate the extent of our strength and advise against testing it. Consider this our first and final warning. After this, our actions won’t be limited to shots fired outside your residence alone. We even have dogs named after Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Shakeel, figures you idolize as gods. Now, I’m not one to talk much,” the post stated.

Vishal, a Gurugram native who finished school in Class 10, has been connected to multiple homicides and robberies in Haryana. More than five criminal cases have been brought against him in Delhi and Gurugram. Vishal was recently charged with the murder of a bookie in Rohtak, which Lawrence Bishnoi is said to have planned. Vishal was caught on CCTV firing a bullet during the incident, which tragically resulted in the bookie’s mother being shot.

Sources indicate that Vishal was also involved in a murder at a roadside dhaba in Rohtak on February 29. A team from Delhi Police’s Special Cell visited Vishal’s residence in Gurugram on Monday. Following the shooting incident outside Salman Khan’s house, multiple teams from Delhi Police, including the Crime Branch and Special Cell, have launched investigations. The Haryana Police is also probing Vishal’s connection to the state in light of recent events.

Firing on Salman House: Mumbai Police Spokesperson Confirmed

Early on Sunday, two individuals on a motorcycle discharged four rounds outside Salman Khan’s residence and swiftly departed. The incident took place at approximately 4:51 am outside Galaxy Apartments, prompting an immediate increase in security measures. A Mumbai Police spokesperson confirmed Firing on Salman House and salman was at home during the shooting incident.

This event unfolded against a backdrop of repeated threats made by Lawrence Bishnoi who wanted criminal Goldie Brar to eliminate Salman Khan. Sources indicate that Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar dispatched their gunmen to Mumbai to target the actor.

Last year, Salman Khan received online threats purportedly from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang in both March and November. Subsequently, Mumbai Police bolstered security around the actor’s residence.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is currently looking into a drug smuggling case that has led to Lawrence Bishnoi’s imprisonment.

Security measures outside the Bollywood star’s home have been significantly improved. Following the incident, the crime branch, local police, and forensic teams conducted a thorough investigation for Firing on Salman House, recovering bullet casings from near Khan’s home.

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