Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2023): Cook with Joy

Owing to a multitude of global culinary influences, Indian cooking has transformed into a delightful fusion of flavors and aromas in the modern kitchen. However, managing smoke and smells in the kitchen is a challenge that comes with the variety of cooking methods. We’ll look at the Best Kitchen Chimneys in India in this post. A dependable kitchen chimney is a must-have accessory for your cooking area. We’ll examine various varieties, important characteristics, and factors to assist you in making an informed decision for a smoke-free Best Kitchen Chimneys in India and enjoyable cooking experience.

3 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023

Hindware Filterless Chimney

Hindware Filterless Chimney

This chimney by Hindware is a fantastic addition; it is the pinnacle of design and utility. With its effective thermal auto clean and a plethora of sophisticated features, it saves you from having to spend hours cleaning. For an improved experience, it also has multiple speed settings and effective LED lighting. 


  • Filter less technology combined with seamless design.
  • Strong suction coupled with energy-saving technologies.
  • interface that is easy to use and has thermal auto-clean.

Elica Filterless Chimney 

Elica Filterless Chimney

A necessary kitchen appliance, the Elica EFL-S607 LTW VMS Kitchen Chimney is made to offer a hygienic, smoke-free, and effective cooking experience. It has a sleek slant design, high suction capacity, motion sensor control, and filterless technology. This not only gives a convenient and pleasurable cooking experience, but it also looks good.


  • Stunning appearance combined with potent performance.
  • LED lights illuminated the touch control panel.
  • Quiet motor that uses less energy.

Faber Filterless Kitchen Chimney

Faber Filterless Kitchen Chimney

The powerful and stylish Faber Hood Primus Plus Energy Chimney will ensure that the air in your kitchen is always clean and fresh. It is an excellent addition to your kitchen because it is a feature-rich appliance with high suction power, auto-clean technology, user-friendly controls, and a mood light. 


  • Cutting-edge filter less technology.
  • Strong suction power appropriate for grilling and deep-frying.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the heat auto-clean feature.

Comparison Table of Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India Suction Capacity Annual Energy Consumption Price
Faber Hood Primus Plus Energy Chimney 1500 m³/hr ‎180 Kilowatts ₹22,490
Hindware Skyla 75 Kitchen Chimney 1350 m³/hr ‎170 Kilowatts ₹38,990
Elica WDFL 606 HAC LTW MS NERO Kitchen Chimney 1200 m³/hr 160 Watts ₹23,990
Inalsa Ekhon Pyramid Kitchen Chimney 1050 m³/hr ‎93 Watts ₹15,900
Glen Neo Kitchen Chimney 1200 m³/hr 250 Kilowatt ₹37,995
Kaff AURA DHC 60 Kitchen Chimney 1250 m³/hr ‎220 Kilowatt ₹27,990
Elica EFL-S607 LTW VMS Kitchen Chimney 1200 m³/hr 160 Watts ₹28,990
Sunflame Bella 60 SS Chimney 1100 m³/h ‎180 Watts ₹19,990
Bosch DWG098D50I Kitchen Chimney 800 m³/h 230 Kilowatt ₹22,400
V-Guard M20 Electric Kitchen Chimney 1000 m³/hr ₹16,990
Hafele Leo 60 Wall Mounted Chimney 800 m3/hr ‎100 Kilowatt ₹18,990

Different Types of Kitchen Chimneys

  • Based on Installation
    • Wall Mounted Chimney: The most typical kind of chimney is this one. It is wall-mounted and works well in kitchens with the cooking platform next to the wall.
    • Island Chimney: Often referred to as a mounted chimney, it is mounted to the ceiling and works well in kitchens with the cooking platform in the middle.
    • Corner Chimney: This style of chimney, which is installed in the kitchen corner, works well in kitchens where the cooking platform is close to the corner.
    • Built-in Chimney: These chimneys are almost invisible because they are integrated into the kitchen cabinets and match the kitchen’s design perfectly.
  • Based on Filter Type
    • Mesh/Cassette Filter: Composed of heavy-duty aluminum mesh layers that catch grease and other debris. They need to be cleaned frequently.
    • Baffle Filter: Compared to mesh filters, these filters are more effective and require less frequent cleaning because of their distinctive curved structure.
    • Carbon/Charcoal Filter: Has activated charcoal in it to aid with odor absorption. The main application for these filters is in ductless chimneys.
  • Based on Suction Type
    • Ducted Chimney: The kitchen air is drawn into these chimneys and then passed through filters. Through ducts, the filtered air is subsequently released outside the kitchen.
    • Ductless Chimney: They draw air from the kitchen, filter it, and then return the clean air back into the kitchen. This process is also known as recirculating chimneys. No ducts are necessary for them.
  • Based on Design
    • Straight Line Chimney: These wall-mounted chimneys have a compact design that makes them ideal for smaller kitchen spaces.
    • Pyramid Style Chimney: It has a pyramid-like structure and is known for its large suction capacity.
    • Hood Chimney: These are the classic chimneys, mounted on the wall above the cooking platform and shaped like hoods.
    • Box Type Chimney: These chimneys, which are enclosed on all sides and effectively capture fumes, are frequently found in commercial environments.
  • Based on Size
    • 60 cm Chimney: Suitable stoves with two to four burners.
    • 90 cm Chimney: Suitable stoves with three to five burners.

Importance of Cleaning Filters in Kitchen Chimneys

  • Efficiency Maintenance: Grease and oil from cooking fumes build up on the filters over time. The effectiveness of the chimney’s suction can be decreased by neglecting cleaning.
  • Energy Conservation: The chimney has to work harder to clear a clogged filter, which increases energy consumption.
  • Safety Concerns: Grease accumulation is combustible and can cause a fire if it is not cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Air Quality: The air quality in the kitchen can be negatively impacted by dirty filters, which can cause dirty air to be circulated.
  • Durability: Frequent cleaning ensures that the chimney lasts longer and continues to function.

Advantages of Filterless Kitchen Chimneys with Auto Clean Feature

  • Maintenance-Free: Maintenance is hassle-free when there are no filters to clean or replace on a regular basis.
  • Higher Suction Power: Consistent and increased suction power is provided by the filterless design, which guarantees continuous airflow.
  • Auto-Clean Technology: Grease and oil particles are collected in a specific chamber that is easily employable and cleanable thanks to the integrated auto-clean feature.
  • Energy Efficient: The chimney runs more efficiently when there are no filters blocking the airflow, which could result in lower electricity costs.
  • Longer Lifespan: Reduced oil and grease buildup guarantees the smooth operation of the motor, extending the chimney’s life.
  • Cost-Effective: Filters don’t need to be changed over time, which saves money.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Modern kitchen interiors are enhanced by the sleek design of many filterless chimneys.

Checking Warranty and After-Sale Services Before Purchasing

An investment for the long term is a kitchen chimney. Therefore, it’s imperative that you read the terms and verify the warranty period. After-sale services can also literally save your life. Avoid future hassles by choosing a brand that has a reputation for providing timely and effective service.


A kitchen chimneys are a necessary piece of equipment in an Indian kitchen since it keeps the cooking area fresh and odour-free. Take into account aspects like suction power, filter type, size, design, noise levels, and installation type (ducted or ductless) when selecting the ideal kitchen chimney for your house. It’s easy to find the ideal chimney to improve your cooking experience because there are so many reputable brands and models available. To have a fun and healthy cooking experience, make an informed choice based on your kitchen’s layout, your cooking preferences, and your financial situation.

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