Abhishek Kar Portfolio: Biography, Trading Journey (2024)

We explore the nuances of Abhishek Kar portfolio development, taking inspiration from his incredible experience. In the current digital era, where a click frequently initiates a first impression, your portfolio serves as a testimonial to your abilities, background, and inventiveness. It’s more than simply a compilation of pieces; it’s your brand and professional story. Abhishek Kar is a design inspiration, as evidenced by his portfolio, which highlights his skill and painstaking attention to detail. 

Abhishek Kar Portfolio Overview

Name Abhishek Kar
YouTube Channel Name Abhishek Kar
Date of Birth 1980
Age 43 years
Birthplace Odisha, India
Religion Hindu
Current Residence Mumbai, Maharashtra
Education BCom, MBA
Occupation Trader, Investor & Mentor
Net Worth (2023) ₹50 Crores (estimated)
Wife Occupation House Wife
Father’s Occupation Govt. School Teacher

A glimpse of Abhishek Kar’s early life

In 1980, Abhishek Kar was born in Odisha. His dad taught in government schools. He was admitted to the MBA program after completing his BCom. In addition to being married, Abhishek Ji has a daughter. Like the majority of Indians, Abhishek Kar came from a middle-class household, but he worked hard to attain success.

Abhishek Kar’s trading journey

Abhishek Kar was given a project to do at graduation, and the subject was “Warren Buffett.” His curiosity about how someone could benefit continuously from the stock market developed, and he eventually decided to join the market. He took part in a lot of stock market-related activities. He decided to open a Demat account and trade stocks. After adding ₹600 to his account, he started trading.

He traded without learning, and as a result, he lost money for 2.5 years running. Following that, he continued to trade for a modest sum for the next two years while simultaneously continuing his education in the art of trading. Following that, he began to turn a profit, and as of right now, he is a profitable trader. He had depleted his trading account six times while traveling, totaling between ₹30 and ₹40,000. Only because he had traded with a tiny amount was he able to make a withdrawal, even after emptying his account six times.

Abhishek Kar’s Website, Course Fee, Portfolio, Offering Details

Abhishek Kar, who can be found on his website abhishekkar.in, provides in-depth trading classes that last between 12 and 2 months in addition to a program called “Invest like a Pro”. His portfolio as of January 26, 2022, included investments in Wint Wealth and software development expertise, with a focus on Python, JavaScript, and Java. Furthermore, he charges Rs for a two-day webinar program is 10,300 and a 47-session Pro Trading Course for Rs. 60,000.

Abhishek Kar Website, Portfolio, Course Fee Details
WordPress Website Name abhishekkar.in
Offering Include Complete Trader Course (12 months)
Complete Trader Course (2 months)
Invest like a Pro Program
Courses Includes Wint Wealth, Investment Plans & Software Specializing 
Course Name Pro Trading Course (With 47 Sessions)
Course Fee Rs. 60,000/-
Offered Webinar Program (2-Days) Cost Rs. 10,300/-

How to become a successful trader according to Abhishek Kar?

Learn from books: You could begin studying trading by reading books, advises Abhishek Sir. You will gain expertise from basic to advanced trading knowledge by reading the book, which will assist you in trading. The following are the books that Abhishek Sir suggests you read to start learning about the stock market.

Choose a mentor: The second step, in Abhishek Sir’s opinion, is for you to choose a consultant. You can designate any YouTuber as your advisor; if he shares your opinions and is a skilled trader in your opinion, you can start learning from him. You will have the advantage of being able to swiftly complete your travel because all of your attention will be fixed on one side at a time. To become a great trader, you must carefully select your mentor, begin learning from him, and continue to make corrections to your mistakes as needed.


Abhishek Kar’s ascent from a middle-class upbringing to his current status as a prosperous trader, investor, and mentor is attested to by his portfolio. The value of ongoing education, the selection of an appropriate mentor, and the commencement of trading with modest investments are emphasized by Abhishek as crucial elements in developing confidence and skill in trading, as provided through his experiences and insights on his website and YouTube channel. Abhishek’s portfolio inspires others to pursue their hobbies with care and determination since it is more than simply a compilation of his accomplishments; it is a reflection of his brand and professional story.

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