10 Best hotels in Lonavala (2023): Simplicity & Comfort

One of the most charming hill stations with lots of sightseeing options is Lonavala. There are plenty of opulent and reasonably priced hotels and resorts in the area for you to select from. These locations offer all the contemporary amenities necessary to guarantee a comfortable stay for the visitor. When visiting Maharashtra, pick from among the Best hotels in Lonavala. You can select from any of the Best hotels in Lonavala for your lodging needs when visiting the area. Simply look it over and make your decision.

Here’s the list of 10 best hotels in Lonavala: 

1. Ivy Orchirds Villa

Ivy Orchards Villa

Ivy Orchirds Villa has amenities including Wi-Fi, parking, and air conditioning, and is 7 km from Bhushi Dam. Pets are welcome and there is a help desk open 24/7. In addition to numerous family- and kid-friendly entertainment options, there is a garden area and a playground. Beautiful décor may be found in every area, and a bonfire is an option. This three-bedroom property with a separate terrace. This hotel is a suitable venue for celebrations, parties, and events. It’s a posh and cozy place to stay thanks to all the features and conveniences. Families and couples will find this to be one of the Best hotels in Lonavala.

Price: starts from 2838

2. Pavana Lake Tent House

Pavana Lake Tent House

One of the Best hotels in Lonavala for couples is Pavana Lake Tent House, which is very well-liked by young people. For everyone, having a bonfire and living in a tent house by the lake is a truly unforgettable experience. Spend time with your friends camping by the beautiful lake and escape the bustle of the city. Compared to staying at a hotel, this is a different experience.

Numerous features and services are included, including free Wi-Fi, room service, a garden, breakfast, water sports, barbecue pits, bonfire evenings, hiking, an indoor play area, and much more. Families and young people alike will love spending their weekends at this facility. Camping at this location allows you to enjoy the clear night sky and stargazing.

Price: starts from 2800

3. Countryside Resort

Countryside Resort

There is an outdoor pool and garden at this lovely resort. This resort, which is among the Best hotels in Lonavala, is a great choice for individuals who prefer an opulent lifestyle. It features a deck, billiards, and indoor games, along with all the facilities. It offers a snack bar, restaurant, and a host of additional amenities to make your stay pleasurable and comfortable. This countryside resort offers both luxurious and affordable accommodations for you to choose from.

Savor the lovely view, laundry, room service, and other business amenities while staying in your accommodation. This Best hotels in Lonavala offers both business and vacation accommodations. It includes a ton of business services to make your stay more convenient, such as fax, concierge, maid service, vehicle rental, shoe polish, and much more. This resort is a good choice if you are traveling with children because it has a game room and lots of fun gaming alternatives.

Price: starting from 3099

4. Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows

One of Lonavala’s most opulent and exquisite hotels and it is among the Best hotels in Lonavala situated near the Bushi Dam. This Misty Meadows hotel is a good choice for people who like to go on picnics by the Dam on the weekends. It features a business center, fitness center, meeting and conference rooms, game room, safety deposit box, and a host of other amenities. It also has an exotic appearance.

You may stay at this hotel whether you are traveling for work or pleasure because it provides all the amenities you need for a great stay. You can unwind at the spa and massage area and play tennis in the gaming area. This best hotels in lonavala offers an airport transfer service in addition to special kid-friendly meals.

Price: starting from 3800

5. Durshet Forest Lodge

Durshet Forest Lodge

This Durshet Forest lodge, which is also one of the Best hotels in Lonavala, is a great place for trekkers to stay while exploring the Durshet jungle. With a view of the Sahyadri Range, this gorgeous woodland spans 35 acres of land. It is a haven for hikers, birdwatchers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This resort is a great location for wildlife and outdoor exploration, as well as picnics.

All of the rooms in this reasonably priced stay provide the standard conveniences needed for a comfortable stay. This lodge has a large number of cottage rooms, tents, and dormitories. You can select a plan based on your financial situation. The lodge offers a variety of activities, including BBQs, campfires, and rappelling. A stay at this resort would appeal to adventure enthusiasts.

Price: starting from 2595

6. Kismat Bungalow

Kismat Bungalow

This charming bungalow is surrounded by nature and features amazing amenities including a kitchen for people who enjoy cooking and parking, making it one of the family-friendly hotels in Lonavala. This cottage is available for both short-term and long-term rentals. It can accommodate a maximum of six people. This place offers economically priced vacations for families and groups. This Kismat bungalow stay is a great option for guests seeking a cozier place to stay.

It is very reasonably priced and provides families with great value for their money. Take in the lush surroundings of Lonavala while strolling about this bungalow throughout your stay. Its picturesque surrounds will leave you wanting more from your trip.

Price: starting from 2878

7. Indus Valley Resort

Indus Valley Resort

Indus Valley Resort is another one of the Best hotels in Lonavala; it offers a budget-friendly, luxurious stay with the best service. Savor delectable meals spanning multiple cuisines while taking in the surrounding scenery. It has every convenience and amenity needed to make your stay pleasurable. When visiting Lonavala, spend your free time in this resort. It is convenient to stay at this resort if you are traveling with family or in a group.

It is reasonably priced and includes all the standard features and conveniences. In addition to being close to several Lonavala tourist attractions including the wax museum and Lion’s Point Lookout, there is free Wi-fi and a gaming area. It contains a kid’s section and an outdoor swimming pool.

Price: starting from 1274

8. Nature’s Retreat

Nature’s Retreat

This hotel is a great choice for anyone who prefers to be in an outdoor, rustic atmosphere. The Nature’s Retreat is among the most charming in all of Lonavala because of the exquisite nature that surrounds it. In addition to being close to several popular tourist destinations, like Tiger Point, the Miniature World Museum, cafes, and other restaurants, the hotel has all the amenities one might want.

This reasonably priced resort welcomes families, couples, singles, and groups and provides pleasant lodging alternatives to provide a stress-free stay. a tranquil spot away from the city’s clamor and pollution. When you come to best hotels in Lonavala and stay here for the weekend, you can relax and refresh.

Price: Starting from 1182

9. Grand Visava

Grand Visava

The budget hotel Grand Visava is conveniently located near the wax museum and offers convenient amenities in every room, including an outdoor pool, restaurant, and fitness center. Its gaming area and lounge make it one of the Best hotels in Lonavala. Get a free breakfast and sip on your favorite cocktail at the bar. The cost of the premium and budget accommodations are both within a fair range. With so many services available and great hospitality, your stay will be hassle-free and enjoyable.

Conference rooms are available at this hotel if you’re planning parties or other gatherings. It is at a short distance from the magnificent Kune Falls. If you want to go sightseeing at the surrounding sites, you can schedule your stay at these hotels.

Price: Starting from 2996

10. Hill Forest Resort

Hill Forest Resort

One of the Best hotels in Lonavala, Hill Forest Resort is a stunning resort that is closer to several tourist attractions near the Tungarli Dam. It is equipped with every convenience needed for relaxation and enjoyment. Outside food is permitted at this resort. It is a wise option for couples as well. It Best hotels in Lonavala offers all the amenities of a hotel, including a salon, spa, and wellness center, as well as comfortable accommodations. Each space has exquisite décor. It features a garden area and a small pool. This fairly priced resort is an excellent place for families with kids to enjoy some downtime. You can travel to neighboring sites that are not far from this resort.

Price: Starting from 1436

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